Naked Chocolate

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Sacred Chocolate

Naked Chocolate caused a revolution:
It made raw food sexier than ever!

Naked Chocolate Naked Chocolate

Warning: Reading this book may cause you to have the best day ever!

Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe and Shazzie
Publishers: David Wolfe in the USA, Rawcreation Ltd in the UK
2005, 248 pages, softcover, full-colour throughout

Two covers? Two books?

Nope! Two covers. One book. You may ask why! Simple: One was made to appeal to Europeans, one was made to appeal to Americans. The content inside is the same. But yes, it's true: many people do buy both because they are becoming collectors' items.

There is nothing in the world like chocolate. It is luxurious, sensuous, delightful, passionate, inspirational, sexual and exciting to all senses.

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Naked Chocolate in pictures

Chilli con cacao

Cinnamon rolls

Violet's violent end

Crying in the chapple pie

Fudge reloaded

Chocolate sauces

Chocolate tarts

Hot chocolate

Charlotte Russe's beetroot mousse

Prince Pondicherry's chocolate cherry cake

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Table of contents

Special Notice: The recipes in these pages allow you to find that perfect alchemical potion that causes all heaven to break loose


Cacao’s Properties

Part I: Cacao

Legends of Cacao
Theobroma Cacao
A Brief History of Chocolate
Money Does Grow on Trees

Part II: Scientific Properties of Chocolate

Chemical Composition of Cacao
Methylxanthines: Theobromine and Caffeine
Anandamide (the Bliss Chemical)
Neurotransmitter Modulating Agents

Part III: Exotic Properties of Chocolate

Nature’s Prozac (Anti-Depressant Properties of Cacao)
Tryptamines, Phenylalanines, Lactones and Cannabinoids
Chocolate as Medicine
Chocolate and Pregnancy
Chocolate Yoga
Overcoming Chocolate Addictions
Saving the Planet with Chocolate

Part IV: Chocolate Alchemy

Curing by Contraries
Naked Chocoalte
Organic Food
The Ancient Chocolate Drink
Cacao’s Best Friends
Other Old and New Friends of Cacao
What to do with Cacao Beans
The New Cacao Beverage
The Recipes


Chocolate for the Skin
The Chocolate Religion
Finding the Best Chocolate


A Secret History of Chocolate

The Last Bits

Shazzie’s Projects and Resources
David Wolfe’s Projects and Resources
About the Authors

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ca·cao. Pronounced [ka-kow]. Rhymes with “cow.”
e·lix·ir . An aromatic solution serving as a vehicle for medicine… A substance believed to maintain life indefinitely. Also called elixir of life… A substance of transmutative properties... Alchemy: An imaginary liquor capable of transmuting metals into gold; also, one for producing life indefinitely; as, elixir vit[ae], or the elixir of life…The refined spirit; the quintessence… Any cordial or substance which invigorates… A substance believed

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