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This blend was created with the intention to slow down your system, clear the mind, release emotions and connect you to the heart in the way a walk through the forest does.


How can we be more in our bodies and with all that we think and feel? How can we move through life more from a connected than disconnected place? What is it that we're afraid would happen if we finally slowed down? Moved in slow-motion? Truly felt and enjoyed every single bit of life?


The Tranquilizing Forest has been created with the intention to help you not only connect to the heart but also be true to your mind. Our mind is nothing to be abandoned or separated - our thoughts are as powerful.


The question is: What's the intention?


This limited edition blend supports you in releasing tension in your body by slowing down your system so that you can notice what's happening inside and around you.

The Reishi Mushroom is an adaptogen that helps balance the stress levels in the body, supports better quality sleep & lucid dreaming, strengthens the immunity system, and increases gut health & antioxidants - to just name a few great properties of it. 


Rosemary is a powerful source of antioxidants, acts anti-inflammatory and it lifts you up when feeling mentally strained and as if you're brain is foggy. 


The Tonka Bean is an aphrodisiac and it's said to relieve menstrual cramps. Traditionally it has been used as an antiseptic and anti-spasmodic in Herbalism. On an energetic level, it is said that it attracts money as well as love and that it makes setting powerful intentions and heart wishes even more powerful.


This Special Edition Blend contains ceremonial, organic, fairtrade Cacao from Nicaragua - a beautiful Central American country that reminds me of my travels: colorful bus rides, joyful music on the streets, and delicious delicacies made out of beans. 


This blend is available in 200g and 400g packages as well as in 100g packages in our Trinity and Pandora Cacao Box. 


Important Note for Christmas Orders: Please make your orders until December 12th latest, so that I can make sure your cacao blend is produced on time. If you're unsure, email 


important note for summer orders: Due to the heat, the cacao may melt if the post leaves it in the sun. It won't affect the quality, just place it in the fridge to harden and then store it in a cool and dark space. To avoid either adding in the notes only to send when cloudy or come pick it up in Zurich City in the morning or evening from 8 pm or pre-order to pick it up at a ceremony. 

Tranquillizing Forest Blend | special edition

PriceFrom CHF 68.00
  • Raw organic cacao from a tiny Indonesian island, cacao butter, reishi, rosemary, and tonka bean. All our cacao mass and butter are 100% ceremonial-grade, organic, and fair-trade.

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