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Ceremonial Cacao has its origins in Central and South America and has been treated as Medicine before Colonialism brought it to Europe and mixed it with sugar - selling you good feelings with little integrity and nothing close to cacao.


Cacao - the food of the Gods and the Medicine of the Heart. It's said that Cacao is making its way to Modern Civilisations when humanity starts losing the connection to Mother Earth and each other to bring them back into their hearts.


Raw Cacao also known as “Naked Chocolate” is the original ingredient in our favorite chocolate products. However, due to overprocessing, overheating, and chemical enhancements it loses most of its health benefits by the time it reaches us.


Raw Cacao is a source of theobromine, magnesium, antioxidants that help the body naturally produce anandamide (the bliss chemical), serotonin (feel-good-chemical), and phenylethylamine (love chemical) which results in a better quality of physical and mental health.

All Naked Chocolate Products are organic & slow produced by Aleks Nikolic in Zurich City. 

Naked Chocolate Ceremonial Cacao Blends was founded in May 2019 in Pune, India with the intention to provide high-quality ceremonial-grade cacao to the people joining my, Aleks Nikolic, cacao ceremonies, and yin yoga journeys. 


I’m a very creative human and I wanted to create something that is easy to use in our day-to-day lives with the intention to bring back moments of mindfulness, connection to ourselves, and making sacred rituals out of habits. 


I’m sitting with ceremonial cacao since 2018 and have been sharing it all these years in magical ceremonies in Switzerland, India, New Zealand, Bali, and many more wonderful places around Planet Earth.


All ceremonial cacao blends have been created by me (Aleks Nikolic) and are also produced by hand by me in Zurich City. Each ceremonial cacao blend has its own unique meaning, intention, and flavor. 


All ceremonial-grade cacao is being grown and produced under organic and ethical standards for humans and the planet earth. 


The ceremonial-grade cacao that I use for the cacao blends comes from small collectives or family plantages in Bali, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. All the spices are organic and high quality from around the world and many of the herbs are home-grown or from other organic sources. 


For the packaging, we’re using paper and pet and are constantly working on finding better eco-packaging. All cacao is shipped with as little waste as possible and comes in new boxes that have been saved and would have been destroyed due to overproduction, silky paper without stickers on it, so that it can be reused, and a small hand-written note. 


If you have any questions, please email


Thank you for being here and reading these words,

Aleks Nikolic


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