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Imagine creating a warming, relaxing, and soothing evening ritual with ceremonial cacao. Wind down by preparing a cup of cacao with the intention of releasing any tension from the day, reflecting, and preparing for a nourishing night.


This set contains three very relaxing and calming cacao blends that you can prepare as hot chocolate to drink in bed, during your evening meditation, or before practicing yoga or any other relaxation technique after a long day. 


Dreamers Cacao Blend: 

When the sun sets and we’re ready to wind down, the dreamers' blend is an invitation to consciously switch from day to night, yang to yin, and movement to stillness.It’s a soothing and tranquil blend, inviting you to digest the day so that you can sleep deeply. You can release tension, mentally calm down, energetically rest, and emotionally feel at ease on a physical level. 

Tranquillizing Forest Blend:

How can we be more in our bodies and with all that we think and feel? How can we move through life more from a connected than disconnected place? What is it that we're afraid would happen if we finally slowed down? Moved in slow-motion? Truly felt and enjoyed every single bit of life?


The Tranquilizing Forest has been created with the intention to help you not only connect to the heart but also be true to your mind. Our mind is nothing to be abandoned or separated - our thoughts are as powerful.

Calming Sweet Blend:
This blend was created with the intention of supporting you in creating a calm, safe, and nurturing space for yourself to remember in the dark moment of life's sweetness. It's a perfect blend to drink in the evening to wind down from a hectic or very active day, slow down, and get ready for a relaxed sleep.


Our Evening Cacao Ritual Set contains a total of 300g (each 100g) of the Calming Sweet Blend, Dreamers Cacao Blend, and Tranquillizing Forest Blend. All these cacao blends are unsweetened.


Ceremonial Cacao is the Medicine of the Heart and Food of the Gods. Each of the blends has a specific intention, is organic, handcrafted in Zurich, and is ceremonial grade. You can use them to prepare a personal Cacao Ceremony at home, for your meditation/yoga/dance/movement practice, or to enjoy hot chocolate style on your couch. 


Christmas Orders Note: Please make your orders until December 12th to guarantee that your order arrives by 24.12.23

Evening Cacao Ritual Set

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Production will restart on February 15th 2024
  • Calming Sweet Blend:
    Raw organic cacao from a tiny Indonesian Island, cacao butter, cinnamon, rose petals, raw sugarcane, and Himalayan crystal salt. 

    Tranquillizing Forest Blend:
    Raw organic cacao from a tiny Indonesian Island, cacao butter, reishi, rosemary, and tonka bean.

    Dreamers Cacao Blend:
    This ceremonial cacao from a small Indonesian island contains lavender, camomille, Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), hemp, and vanilla. All our cacao mass and butter are 100% ceremonial-grade, organic, and fair-trade.

    All our cacao mass and butter are 100% ceremonial-grade, organic, and fair-trade from Bali or Central America.

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