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When the sun sets and we’re ready to wind down, the dreamers' blend is an invitation to consciously switch from day to night, yang to yin, and movement to stillness. 


This ceremonial cacao blend contains lavender, camomille, Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), hemp, and vanilla. It’s a soothing and tranquil blend, inviting you to digest the day so that you can sleep deeply. 


You can release tension, mentally calm down, energetically deeply rest, and emotionally feel at ease on a physical level. As the name indicates you may want to go ahead and float away into your dreams.


This blend is available in 200g, 400g and 100g packages.


Important Note for Christmas Orders: Please make your orders until December 12th latest, so that I can make sure your cacao blend is produced on time. If you're unsure, email 


Important note during summer orders: Due to the heat, the cacao may melt if the post leaves it in the sun. It won't affect the quality, just place it in the fridge to harden and then store it in a cool and dark space. To avoid either adding in the notes only to send when cloudy or come pick it up in Zurich City in the morning or evening from 8 pm or pre-order to pick it up at a ceremony. 

Dreamers Blend | special edition

PriceFrom CHF 38.00
Production restarts 7.5.24 & takes 10 business days
  • This ceremonial cacao from a small Indonesian island contains lavender, camomille, Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), hemp, and vanilla. All our cacao mass and butter are 100% ceremonial-grade, organic, and fair-trade.

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