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Ceremonial Cacao is the Medicine of the Heart and Food of the Gods. Each of the blends has a specific intention, is organic, handcrafted in Zurich, and is ceremonial grade. You can use them to prepare a personal Cacao Ceremony at home, for your meditation/yoga/dance/movement practice, or to enjoy hot chocolate style on your couch. 


You're not sure which of the classic cacao blends to choose or do you have different intentions that match various cacao rituals? Our Cacao Boxes give you the opportunity to try out different cacao blends. 


Our Classic Cacao Box contains 100g of the Energizing Spicy and Calming Sweet Blend. You can choose the sweetened or the unsweetened version. 


Energizing Spicy Blend:

This blend was created with the intention to support you through intense times or when in need of extra fire and motivation for an upcoming project or challenging time. It helps you clear your mind and stay focused. This is a perfect blend to drink in the morning or during the day for an extra boost.


On a physical level, it will support you'll feel more energized, nurtured, and awake.

On an emotional level, it will support you to create enough fire, passion, motivation, and clarity to be able to see your emotions and thoughts more distanced instead of just automatically acting on them.


Calming Sweet Blend:

This blend was created with the intention to support you in creating a calm, safe, and nurturing space for yourself to remember in the dark moment's life's sweetness. It's a perfect blend to drink in the evening to wind down from a hectic or very active day, slow down and get ready for a relaxed sleep.


On a physical level, this will support you in feeling relaxed, replenished, and nurtured.

On an emotional level, it can be soothing, nourishing, and covering you in a blanket of love. On a mental level, it can be calming, helping you to wind down, calm the mind, and create space between the thoughts.


The classic box contains 100g of each Calming Sweet Blend and Energizing Spicy Blend.


Christmas Orders Note: Please make your orders by 12.12. to guarantee shipping until 24.12. 


important note: Due to the heat, the cacao may melt if the post leaves it in the sun. It won't affect the quality, just place it in the fridge to harden and then store it in a cool and dark space. To avoid either adding in the notes only to send when cloudy or come pick it up in Zurich City in the morning or evening from 8 pm or pre-order to pick it up at a ceremony. 

The Classic Cacao Set

PriceFrom CHF 62.00
Production will restart on February 15th 2024
  • Calming Sweet Blend:
    Raw organic cacao from Bali, cacao butter, cinnamon, rose petals, (raw sugarcane), and Himalayan crystal salt. 

    Energizing Spicy Blend:
    Raw organic cacao, cacao butter, sage, ginger, dried mango, cardamom, cayenne pepper, black pepper, (raw sugarcane), and Himalayan crystal salt.

    Sweetened and Unsweetened Versions:
    The unsweetened cacao box comes without raw sugarcane and the sweetened version comes with raw sugarcane.

    Raw Sugarcane is pure, organic, raw, unprocessed sweetener - NOT conventional brown sugar and is known in Central America as panela and in India as jaggery.

    All our cacao mass and butter are 100% ceremonial-grade, organic, and fair-trade from Bali or Central America.


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