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The Heart Remedy tastes like a liquid warm blanket for your heart on rough days and reminds you to stay centered in your heart and make your answers from there. 


"Clear mind - pure Heart"


This blend was created with the intention to soothe a broken heart. Broken Hearts have many reasons - maybe your romantic relationship has ended, a friendship is gone, the job and your surroundings make you want to close down, or the fact that it seems that the world is falling apart, and all you want is to feel less.


If you let the heart truly break and feel all that you feel - the pain will wash through all the small places and expand the capacity to feel - because if we reject pain, we also reject love.


This Ceremonial Cacao Blend will support you in feeling okay being in your body and connecting to your Heart. The Vanilla brings sweetness and playfulness.


The Tulsi soothes your nervous system and helps you next to the magnesium in the Cacao to relax, calm the mind and strengthen your immunity system.


The freeze-dried raspberry gives you the right amount of buzz and just thinking of raspberries and their bright color invites joy.


This blend is available in 200g and 400g packages as well as in 100g packages in our Trinity and Pandora Cacao Box. 


Important Note for Christmas Orders: Please make your orders until December 12th latest, so that I can make sure your cacao blend is produced on time. If you're unsure, email 


The Heart Remedy Blend | special edition

PriceFrom CHF 41.00
Production restarts 7.5.24 & takes 10 business days
  • Raw organic cacao from a tiny Indonesian island, cacao butter, vanilla, tulsi, and raspberry. All our cacao mass and butter is 100% ceremonial-grade, organic and fair-trade.

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