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Flowery, witchy, enchanting, serenity infusing. 


A Cacao Blend that is cooling you during hot summer nights and equally brings lightness, ease and a hint of magic to your summer routines. This cacao blend is rich in flowers and herbs, feeling like a summer breeze.


Physically and mentally cooling and soothing, a moment of interception like on a calm sunrise morning, emotionally and energetically a journey through the senses reminding you of the perfect summer night.


Flora is the Goddess of the Flowers and Spring - she stands for honoring nature's cycles and fertility. 


This blend is available in 100g and 200g packages for a limited time only. Please note that this Summer Edition Blend will only be available from April to September in our store.


important note for June to August: Due to the heat, the cacao may melt if the post leaves it in the sun. It won't affect the quality, just place it in the fridge to harden and then store it in a cool and dark space. To avoid either adding in the notes only to send when cloudy or come pick it up in Zurich City in the morning or evening from 8 pm or pre-order to pick it up at a ceremony. 

Flora Summer Blend | special edition

PriceFrom CHF 36.00
This Spring Summer Cacao Blend will be back in stock on April 1st 2024
  • Raw organic cacao from El Salvador (incl. cacao butter), hibiscus, rose, lemon balm, rosehip, peppermint, chocolate pepper, and vanilla and dates.

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