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Ceremonial Cacao is the Medicine of the Heart and Food of the Gods. Each of the blends has a specific intention, is organic, handcrafted in Zurich, and is ceremonial grade. You can use them to prepare a personal Cacao Ceremony at home, for your meditation/yoga/dance/movement practice, or to enjoy hot chocolate style on your couch. 


You're not sure which of the classic cacao blends to choose or do you have different intentions that match various cacao rituals? Our Cacao Boxes give you the opportunity to try out different cacao blends. 


Our Trinity Cacao Box contains in total 300g (each 100g) of the Heart Remedy, Golden Goddess, and Tranquillizing Forest Blend. 


Heart Remedy Blend:
This blend was created with the intention to soothe a broken heart. Broken Hearts have many reasons - maybe your romantic relationship has ended, a friendship is gone, the job and your surroundings make you want to close down, or the fact that it seems that the world is falling apart, and all you want is to feel less.


Golden Goddess Blend:
It's like a cup of liquid gold - created with the intention to lift your mood, feel sensual and relaxed in your body, creative in your mind, and very connected to your heart - moving through life from there.

Tranquillizing Forest Blend:

This blend was created with the intention to slow down your system, clear the mind, release emotions and connect you to the heart in the way a walk through the forest does.


The trinity box contains 100g of each of the Heart Remedy, and Golden Goddess (if you don't specify the Golden Goddess Blend comes with bee pollen, you can also choose pulverized dates, simply add your choice in the notes as you order), and Tranquillizing Forest Blend. 


Important Note for Christmas Orders: Please make your orders until December 12th latest, so that I can make sure your cacao blend is produced on time. If you're unsure, email 


important note for summer orders: Due to the heat, the cacao may melt if the post leaves it in the sun. It won't affect the quality, just place it in the fridge to harden and then store it in a cool and dark space. To avoid either adding in the notes only to send when cloudy or come pick it up in Zurich City in the morning or evening from 8 pm or pre-order to pick it up at a ceremony. 

The Trinity Cacao Set

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Production will restart on February 15th 2024
  • Heart Remedy Blend:
    Raw organic cacao from a tiny Indonesian Island, cacao butter, vanilla, tulsi, and raspberry.

    Golden Goddess Blend:
    Raw organic cacao from a tiny Indonesian Island, cacao butter, saffron, and bee pollen.

    Tranquillizing Forest Blend:
    Raw organic cacao from a tiny Indonesian Island, cacao butter, reishi, rosemary, and tonka bean.

    All our cacao mass and butter are 100% ceremonial-grade, organic, and fair-trade from Indonesia or Central America.

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