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A Few Affirmations To Start Your Day With Ease

Even if you have a quite busy and packed day ahead, these will only take a few minutes and may be incorporated into your schedule easily, for example, while drinking cacao, looking into the mirror, or getting yourself ready.

Repeat as many times as you wish:

I am deserving of everything I desire.
I approve of myself and love myself deeply.
I am a loving human being, full of warmth, light, and compassion.
I am strong, I am loved, I am worthy.
I deserve all the good things that are coming my way today.

You may want to change or add affirmations as you go, just make sure you resonate with the words deeply, letting them infuse every cell of your body.

From there, observe how you feel during the day - you may even want to come back to these affirmations for a small “pick-me-up”.

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