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Customer Care

Shipping & Returns

Real humans answering questions and supporting in a real human and professional way. We don't believe in neutral, cold, formal "business-email" templates. We're answering your emails or private messages on Social-Media within 48hours unless we're notifying something specially. Either Aleks is going to be in touch with you or if offline, Linda will be there supporting you. Feel free to reach out to us anytime - either with questions,  your story to share or a constructive feedback.

We appreciate if you want to share your personal experience with us and the tribe by submitting your testimonial or share it on Social-Media with the hashtag #TheGoneBraveWoman.  This is a safe space to share, connect, feel, uplift each other and take your power back. 





We're shipping at the moment from Zurich, Switzerland. There are different flat rates available. You can also pick up your order in Zurich City. If you want us to ship internationally, please get in touch before you place your order.  Everything is packaged in minimal and recycled/reused packaging. 


We handle returns individually. If the order arrives damaged or breaks, please send us immediately pictures of everything and a short explanation. We encourage everyone to treat the treasures with lots of care and follow the instructions given. Keep in mind that all the treasures are from natural materials which can but don't have to live a life-long as for example plastic does. Treat it with appreciation. We want to create a new vibe around shopping and make it something more conscious, sustainable and appreciated. ​


If you are an artist, business, yoga studio, writer or workshop facilitator and want to collaborate with The Gone Brave Woman, please get in touch with us through email.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Pre-Payment via Online-Banking (only through email inquiry)

- Offline Payments on events

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