The Story

The Gone Brave Woman platform was created with the intention to create more magic, heart-connection, silence, aliveness, wildness, freedom, and sacredness in our daily lives by Aleks Nikolic. 


In 2013 for the first time, I was consciously meditating in this lifetime and went to Brazil.

In 2015 I returned there after feeling completely burned out in my old job as Community and Event Manager. I walked slowly, barefoot, eat the sweetest mangos that I've picked from the trees and lived in the jungle. In only two weeks I realized that this was my pace and that I need to leave my life in Zurich, Switzerland in order to flow with life. And so I did only 6 months later with a one-way ticket to Bali and one backpack.


In Brazil, I met beautiful, highly creative and spirit-connected jewelry and treasures creators. As I entered a beautiful shop of a Shamanic indigenous tribe, I felt like I have to bring their sacred creations to other people. Everything is made from Mother Earth and everything returns back to Mother Earth. The Shaman was very touched and so she blessed all the jewelry and me with a pipe and lots of smoke. It was beautiful to witness. I'm so grateful for this experience and it just shows with how much love it was created. 


This is now 3 years ago. This summer I found the treasure chest with all the treasures from Brazil and my travelings and remembered my old dream and today's mission to create a safe space for people to dive deep into their own inner journey and hearts.


Having rituals and an altar with sacred treasures is very dear to me because it reminds me of the beauty in nature, slowing the fuck down and supports me in connecting to my Heart, Intuition and the Spirits to experience magic in the everyday life instead of just hurrying from one thing to another not really knowing why. 


This platform is created with the intention to offer sacred, mindful, natural and sustainable treasures from wherever I'm traveling. They're hand-picked or Self-designed and created by local artists. I'm practicing the art of giving my jewelry and treasures away during traveling. It's a beautiful way to keep the joy, beauty, magic circling and touch people in a very easy and simple way. In the same time, you practice non-attachment. 


I'm also sharing my personal experiences very honestly and rituals (from channeling Wisdom Goddesses to practicing Yin Yoga) that have helped me to be mySelf.  I'm encouraging you to take inspired action and recognize that the power and wisdom reside inside of you.

A tribe, a community is important to me. I'm creating different ceremonies, gatherings and yin journeys so people can connect with themSelves but also on a deeper level with others.


Whatever you find here is created with love and the intention for you to live from your heart and have the courage to be yourSelf. 


Have fun exploring this inner journey. We sometimes forget in the smaller and bigger dramas our mind is creating - but life's her to dive into it with curiosity and enJOYment. 

Stay in your heart. 




Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
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Created with lots of love by Aleks Nikolic.

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