• Book your personal yin yoga session. It is created to your individual needs and based on your Ayurvedic dosha. The focus is on balancing your whole system, so that you can walk more grounded, relaxed, nourished and vitalized through life. 


    In Yin Yoga, we put our bodies in shapes and hold that shapes for at least 5 minutes. We take our time to go very slowly, breathe, feel and heal. It’s a very safe and simple practice for everybody and due to the stillness, we’re able to finally feel ourSelves again.


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    //if you are a student or struggling financially, please get in touch with me//

    Private Yin Yoga Session 60min

    SKU: 0078
      • Sessions are available until October 31st 2018
      • Send an email to gonebravewoman@aleks.yoga to book it in advance
      • As soon as we've fixed the date you'll get a confirmation email and a questionnaire for the private yin class.
      • The sessions are happening at the cozy Yoga Tribe K3 studio in Zurich
      • The voucher is valid until October 31st 2018

    Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
    Yin Culture

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