• Ganesha (or Ganapaty) is the elephant-headed Hindu God - he stands for joy, happiness, removing obstacles on your way, helps you to listen to yourSelf and digests all of your experiences properly. This necklace reminds you of asking Ganesha to remove obstacles in your way. 

    Ganesha Necklace

    SKU: 0025
      • treat it with care, this is an all-natural-handmade-product made in the Brazilian jungle by an indigenous tribe
      • only clean with a wet (not drippy, wrung out) towel
      • length adjustable
      • 43cm long
      • 5cm long elephant

    Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
    Yin Culture

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    Created with lots of love by Aleks Nikolic.

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