Video: Bedtime Yin Yoga

This is one of the simplest sequences and yet so powerful - nourish your spine, open your hips, give your organs a massage and yourSelf a hug and then fall asleep in savasana. Keep breathing and focus on a long exhalation. Sequence: -Legs up de wall: you can place a blanket or bolster under your lower back for some support, allow your legs and toes to relax, the lower back to ground, neck, head and jaw soften, breathe from the -Knee hug: give yourSelf a hug, tell yourSelf something beautiful and allow your spine to ground, your hips to soften -Butterfly legs: either move away from the wall or use it as support to gently open your hips, you can rub your hands and create some healing energy, place your hands on your hips or lower belly, when you go out, be super careful and gentle with your hips -Knee your hugs, kiss your knees -Twist: Take a deep inhale and with an exhale allow your knees to drop naturally, walk your shoulder blades away from each other, allow yourSelf to relax into this shape and breathe. come very carefully out of it, support your legs with your hands and give yourself a moment to center before moving to the other side. keep the balance on both sides, means stay the same amount of time, 3 minutes is recommended -gently hug your knees in, realing your spine, breathe into your belly -roll over to one side, relax into shavasana, allow your body to drop deeper into the mat after every exhale -fall asleep, nourish your body, soul, mind Extra-Tip: Start the day with a gratitude list :)

Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
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