Learn to un-learn: How to question what’s from your heart & what’s from outside

In India, I didn’t learn as much as I un-learned. I really started getting to know my filters, masks, stories, labels, rules, and restrictions - and gave myself the permission to let it all go.

Why do I believe what I believe? Why do I think this is the way? Who am I if I let go of all labels?

Goa was for me a challenging but also very blissful place - I didn’t only discover new parts of me but also finally got the courage to live them out and let a bit more go of what I think I should be.

Goa - and also India - isn’t for everyone. It’s for the brave one. It’s for the one who is ready to live out of the box, challenge their beliefs and dive with me and other amazing sisters into the Divine Feminine and Life in the Wild.

And let me tell you: Bravery doesn’t mean you have figured it all out. It means you’re willed to walk the path of your heart and dive into your own depths - especially then when it’s hard, painful and not looking like you know what’s gonna happen next.

Actually, you never know. I can’t sell my heart anymore for the false feeling of security because you never really know. And not listening to my intuition just isn’t an option anymore.

Last summer I broke up because my heart was telling me that it’s time for me to learn to be alone.

You think I liked this truth?

No. It fucking hurt but I dived into that pain, booked my ticket to India and spent 3 intense months in an ashram, a Hindu Monastery, in Kerala, South India. When I then arrived in Goa and just felt this very free-spirited vibe, everyone expressing themselves freely - I allowed myself to do the same and stop holding myself back. Today I’m so fucking grateful for my courage to leave all behind and jump into the complete scary unknown.

In this week we’re going wild and deep while sitting and practicing yoga twice daily on our beautiful yoga deck, sipping chai while learning to speak-up, enJOYing delicious (Indian & whatever your heart desires) food, floating in the warm ocean, dancing ecstatically until we meet our most blissful state - and kiss our darkness. A week to learn to love life with ALL its intensity and feel completely ALIVE. We’re going to cry, journal, hug, love, feel, let go, manifest, enjoy, reconnect with our hearts and just play and have fun.

Are you ready to meet me and yourSelf in Goa? Let me tell you... Goa isn’t the same as India or any other place you have been to. It’s a very small Indian state on the coast where hippies used to hang out..and some of them still are! :) you can stay there...or you can prolong your trip and discover what I call real India. Up to you.

Give yourSelf time and permission to BE, float, enjoy and go deep. Come on a Journey...back to YOUR Heart <3

Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
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