How dancing has changed my life

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Coming home.

I was so ashamed to dance in the past. I was scared to make a mistake. That people will laugh. I felt so blocked and couldn't move through that for so long. A year ago I had a really intense Kundalini Gong Meditation experience. We shook our bodies after that and something got activated inside of me. Something shifted.

Then I went to Goa and I remember us going to Ecstatic Dance. I was excited and terrified. The first time I still cared about others. Compared to the past it was almost nothing. I wanted more. I craved it so much. To unlearn. To let go of that bullshit. I just wanted to free mySelf from it. I remember no one wanted to join me and my sis said well just go alone. And I did. It was so fucking out of comfort zone. But omg....I am like a different person.

I went twice a week and celebrated life, felt so connected to The Divine. Felt so feminine as never before. I felt how I'm coming more and more in my power. I truly felt like a Goddess and just enJOYed it so so so much. Was so amazing to just move spontaneously, so naturally and organically with life and not first re-thinking it for 100x times and sucking out the whole joy and life out of it. When I dance I feel like mySelf. I feel bliss. And ecstasy. I get out of my head, into my body and even beyond 😅 hi bloody feet in Goa that I never noticed 😅 eeek. Haha.

So... for me Goa was so freaking liberating. Because people there are chilled and they are themSelves. They relax into life. So it's so much easier to unlearn shit, to let go and create a base of confidence, courage, authenticity. Because then you take it with you wherever you go. You take it with you and build on it.

I'm inviting you to join me for this amazing journey this January in Goa, India. We'll reconnect back and build trust in our masculine energy by practicing yin yoga and embodying the Divine Feminine with the support of the 10 Wisdom Goddesses and Ecstatic Dance. Less harshness, more playing, exploring, floating. Registration closes on Nov 5th. Learn more about this life-changing trip & book your spot!

So much love, Aleks

Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
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