fuck Instagram perfectionism: how to give yourSelf permission to be where you are & still be loved

"give yourSelf the permission to be where you are. and still, be loved."

when I scroll through my Instagram feed, self-love seems something we again put on a pedestal that has to be perfected. we created of love a black or white version. all or nothing. whereas I believe no matter where we are on our journey, we're always worthy of loving and being loved. because love just is. it comes and goes as much as you are willed to allow it. so it's not that others can only love you as much as you can and you turn love in another thing that seeks perfection, idealizing self-love and making it something we again have to work hard for. love doesn't need any hardness. love flows through soft vessels. let your heart be one. let your body be one.

allow yourself to receive love.

by allowing yourself to be loved exactly where you are, you stop denying your darkness but start integrating it. so that all the light and all the darkness can meet in your heart. and what meets in the heart can only be one thing: love.

what comes from your heart is based on love. the heart has no urge to rush. it is a neediness of the mind. because the minds nature isn't to trust.

so we are there feeling confused and like in an inner battle that manifests as an outer battlefield, not knowing what is the heart and what is the mind. remember this and give yourself the time to integrate it and feel it in your whole body: what comes from the heart is based on love and feels light.

the mind tries to enforce guilt on us, which makes us think we have to do something even though we don't feel it. so we start doubting our feeling. the mind works passively aggressively. the heart just is. it holds space for us. our heart is never closed. it's not about opening your heart. it is about removing the veil that stands between your heart and your actions. once our armors soften, we can feel our heart. we can feel gratitude flooding our whole being. it feels like finally arriving.

a journey back to our hearts.

so remember my dears... what comes from the heart is based on love. only the mind creates fear and wants to rush through an experience so that it can control. but not the heart. the mind loses it's power when we stop rushing. because once you stop running, you can actually start remembering the power of your heart by feeling yourSelf, feeling your body.

your heart is holding space for you while you are on your journey inwards. allow the armors to soften. receive all the love you are able to. it's all okay, you are so worthy.

allow the hardness to melt away and take your time, your heart knows the way.

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Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
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