Are you doing things that feel like a no?


Learning & Affirmation of the last week:

If I feel stressed about and it doesn't flow, it's a clear HELL NO and I've been working against my intuition.

In the past I was a mega pleaser - I cared a lot about what others think of me and how my actions will influence what they think of me. It was very, very difficult and uncomfortable for me to say NO. Thank god I worked a lot on it - but last week I also found out that there is still a part of me that wants to please, doesn’t feel she can say no, change her mind, go for her intuition even though maybe something would be nice or cool - if it doesn't feel good or flow, it's a no. 

Anyway...I said yes to something that felt like a no and I had the most stressful week of my last 3 years since traveling and leaving an intense and busy job as community manager & events organizer for in Zurich...I mean I of course have challenging weeks but I don’t feel empty in a heavy way. I feel in my personal flow.

So Sunday night I taught a yin class and went after it to my friends' concert - her band Metronomy from the UK (love this song!!!) played in Winterthur - it was open-air and I was so excited to spend the evening by mySelf and then connecting with her and the boys. SO SO SO GOOD! I danced by mySelf, felt the music, was feeling myself again - because after all the stress I felt so low, empty and not in my body. Who am I? I felt lost. Haha the guy at the ticket counter said I could have brought a plus one and I was like gosh I am so happy to be just by myself here :D 

And this all happens because I didn’t listen to my feeling, my intuition - I forced something because I thought I can’t change my decision that I’ve made months ago... Well if it stresses you, if you feel stressed in your life, probably you’re doing something you’re not feeling. 

So my question to you is: Where do you feel stressed in life? What is holding you back from letting it go?

Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
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