3 years ago I left with no plan

Today, 3 years ago I stepped into an airplane with a one-way ticket to Bali after having a crazy year working as a Community Manager from home, testing restaurants, throwing events, collab with local venues. It was an amazing year, I learned a lot but also I felt burned out in the end. After I came back from a business trip to San Francisco, I decided to quit my job (side note: I already booked my ticket to Bali:D). A half year before that I started working with @ashleypaquin and she really supported me so much in trusting my path even though I had no idea what I'm actually doing.

Since then I've been to Bali, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, San Salvador, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Italy, India, Croatia, Greece, Thailand, Sri Lanka...

I always traveled a lot and spend all my money on traveling and amazing clothes - now it's more just coffee, food, airplane tickets.

There are three places I keep coming back: Bali (5x in 3 years) and India (twice in one year haha). When I met my ex, everything seemed perfect, because all I wished was to be in a relationship. I had all planned out. The future was fixed.

The thing is we think life is linear, whereas life moves in all directions. And thanks god(des) it does because sticking to your plan just to feel safe and because of having a plan is the best recipe to stay unhappy.

Living doesn't work from the mind. Truly living is being in alignment with your heart. Being completely immersed with life.

The year isn't done yet and I'm truly curious about everything that is going to happen because I'll spend the rest of the year in 3 more countries that feel like home. I realized the past weeks in Switzerland that even though it's nice here and I could probably build some really cool yin yoga classes, it's not where I want to be. It's not where I'm thriving and feeling just my very best and most flowy. I've done lots of family healing, lots of letting go and lots of figuring out what I truly feel called to do.

To celebrate these 3 years of learning so fucking much and best: UNlearning, even more, I'm sending out tomorrow morning The Gone Brave Woman's Guide to India. It's a mix of sharing my personal traveling stories, practical traveling tips and just some fiery thoughts of mine to empower you to take inspired action and live the way you want to live. To receive it for free, just sign up here and find an amazing talk Jessica Roodvoets and I had a couple of weeks ago about traveling to India as a woman and embodying the Divine Feminine.

As I'm turning 27 next year, people keep asking me what are my plans. They keep asking me if I'll settle, have babies, they ask if I'm now a nun or if I'm really happy, haha and oh they also ask how I make money for all of this (it's more expensive to live a life you don't truly like btw.).

I have no idea. My plans are written in sand, not carved in stone. Everything can change at any moment - Truth is that's always like this, no matter what kind of lifestyle we choose to live. We just try to build that safety net and wrap ourSelves in the sureness blanket - but actually, we have no idea if our body is going to die tonight or not.

I'm so ready to break a cycle, I'm not willed anymore to come to Europe for a couple of months, it's just not how I want to live or where I see mySelf. Rather less with even more quality time with my family, which was somehow the priority this year.

Life's exciting. If you don't feel excited to be alive, check-in where you're taking away from yourSelf.

There is so much I haven't figured out yet so many things that terrify and excite me in the same moment but one thing I know for sure about mySelf, is that I just don't let fear stop me. I go for something and if it doesn't work, I just do something else. There are infinite abundant amazing possibilities, living life from a trusting and optimistic perspective and grounded feet, seems to be a good mix.

Cheers to 3 years of traveling and no fixed home. Thank you for everyone I met on this journey, full of ups and full of downs. Keep in mind: Plans can change all the time but these moments that shake us up, bring us closer to what truly matters. And in the end, all is good all the time.

Thank you for following my journey through my lowest points a year ago, where I cried my way to India to today where I'm like a completely different person, curious to move every day a bit more towards fewer armors and more heart.

Love and a big virtual hug, Aleks

PS. Last events in Zurich are up now online as well :) come get a real hug!

Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
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