Online Offerings

General details for online offerings:

-To book your spot email at least 4 hours in advance

-Every offering is being live-streamed

-Please download the free app ZOOM and try out before class starts

-Always arrive 5 minutes earlier before the class/workshop starts

-Virtual space opens 10 minutes before

-Once you book you'll receive all the details and 20 minutes before class the link

-There are different payment & prices available depending on where you live, please choose wisely & honestly depending on your current situation

-Class/Workshop/Ceremony once booked is not refundable

-The video is available for 48 hours within 1 hour after the live-streaming

-Create a cozy space at home with either yoga mat, blanket and any props you got or use books, pillows and extra towels.

Every Thursday from March 26th

Art of  Yin
6:15 - 7.30 pm (UTC+1 until 29.3. / CET)

Art of Yin is an invitation to slow down your life and reevaluate if how you live is in tune with how you'd love to live,
in tune with your heart's wisdom.

* Yin yoga is a simple practice for every-body that can have a profound impact on your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

* In yin yoga, we create simple shapes with our bodies and then hold them over time.
* It is a space for you to connect to yourself, relax, release stuck emotions, physical tension, and clear any mental fog and confusion.
* Space where you can take 75 minutes for yourself to digest and reflect on your life, nourish and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.

CHF 25.- online class until April 19th
CHF 75.- online membership (until April 19th for 4 classes starting March 26th)
CHF 32.- studio class from April 20th

If you're struggling financially or class prices are different in your country, you can pay what you can via Paypal directly.


Monday, April 20th

Art of Yin Morning Ritual

9 - 10 am (UTC+2 / CET)

Start your week and day in a calm and simple way by practicing the Art of Yin. Turning habits into rituals and starting the day by connecting to your center first.

In 60 minutes we'll practice a grounding yin yoga sequence, meditation and a little bit of breathwork that will help you calm the mind, help you focus and make clear choices throughout the week that feel the most nourishing to you.


Practicing the Art of Intention setting and taking the time you need to digest life experiences, relax the physical body, release emotions and clear the mind. Kids are very welcome to join this morning online class as the Yin Shapes we create the body are often named after animals. The meditation and breathwork, in the end, will leave you to feel energized and focused, ready to start the day.


If you're struggling financially or class prices are different in your country, you can pay what you can via Paypal directly.


April 12th - Sunday Bliss

Art of Yin Workshop

6 - 8 pm (UTC+2 / CET)

This Sunday Bliss is for everyone that would like to understand more what is happening with them during a yin yoga practice on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Why and how does it affect the connective tissue (fascia), what are the 4 stages of a yin shape and how can I apply them to my day to day life? How is Yin Yoga originally inspired by the Daoist Theory?

This workshop is a combination of 45 minutes yin yoga theory where you can also ask questions and a 75 minutes yin practice where we will apply the theory of yin so that we can directly understand it from a "feeling and embodied" perspective. The sequence that we will do will be deeply grounding and calming the mind. It will help you to tune deep within as well us understand the backline myofascial line. 


If you're struggling financially or workshop prices are different in your country, you can pay what you can via Paypal directly.


Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
Yin Culture

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