The Gone Brave Woman

This is for the woman who wants to finally feel free, wild and alive again.  The one who wants to listen to her inner guidance system and trust that she has all the answers within. She knows there is no other option than living from the heart - because anything else would be lying, bullshitting and denying herSelf. So she chooses rather to risk everything than to stay imprisoned by keeping herself small, holding back, tiptoeing and waiting for others to decide how her life will look, feel, taste and be like.
This is for the woman

  • who is tired of her own bullshit, every day hurrying and stressing for things and people that don't fulfill but rather drain her

  • who is tired of waiting but starts taking inspired action

  • who keeps diving deep and transforms from a beggar to a queen

  • who is ready to integrate her light and darkness in her heart

  • who is ready to embrace the unknown instead of keep holding on to what was an illusion of the future due to feeling safe

  • who starts appreciating and valuing herself as she wished others would be doing with her

  • who doesn't know the destination but feels called to walk her path

  • who chooses bravely to be herSelf even if this means to risk to lose things and people around herself because she knows there is no other option

  • who is done with looking away but ready to speak up, set boundaries and burn bridges if this is needed

  • wants to create magic and truly live every day and not just during vacation and weekends

  • who isn't willed anymore to hide but rise up and be all she is

  • who is willed to un-learn, re-learn and let go of what never has been her rules, restrictions, shoulds, patterns, and beliefs 

  • who is now choosing a different story for her life and is ready to sacrifice all that is holding her back to live life authentically

    This is for the woman with a soft, wild and fiery heart.  The one who want's to enJOY life more and flow playfully through it. This is for the woman that has now decided to choose her heart. 

Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
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Created with lots of love by Aleks Nikolic.

Money is the root of all Good. You're so worthy, baby!

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