Yoga for Radiant Women
June 18th - August 27th, 2020

A 10-Week Summer Course
Thursdays from 18:30 to 19:30 o'clock
 Yoga Tribe K3 Zurich

Gone Brave Woman is a project by Aleks Nikolic created with the intention to recognize when and how we lost touch with the flow of our life and connection to our hearts. When we've started living by rational ideas and ideals only, not paying attention to what we really need and crave. It takes radically honesty and courage to let go of what does not work or is not aligned - no matter if we like or dislike it and take inspired action from it.

In Yoga for Radiant Women we'll be working with the 10 Tantric Wisdom Goddesses (Female Archetypes) to explore a different aspect of ourselves by intellectually learning more about the Goddess and what that means in our daily life as well as use specific Mantras (sounds/words), Meditation and Movement -  from Yoga Nidra, Dance and more flowy Yoga Asanas- and Radiance Sutras - to connect deeper to ourselves, explore, release and create a connection between the practice and daily mind patterns and habits.


Creating rituals out of habits, inviting in more flow, more feminine energy, creativity, beauty, radiance, grace, joy, and aliveness - for life and all that is. This course will be dedicated to the women and is an invitation to heal and release old ways of thinking of other women and truly be open to each other. Recognizing that beauty is everywhere and we can create sacred spaces for ourselves and people around us.

This course is inspired by my Goa Heart Adventure Retreat that is a journey back to your Heart. It's an adventure because it’s something you can only plan until one certain degree and then after that, you have to let go of control, surrender and trust the unfolding of the journey - with all the terror and joy that comes with it.


Because whatever you do or meet in’s here to teach you something.

Help you unlearn and let go of whom you think you are, have to be - all the labels, restrictions, walls, constructs, 
ideals, dogmas, ideas, and conditionings - that block you from living life spontaneously from the heart. So instead of questioning your intuition every single time and trying to rationalize things, you just go for what intuitively feels right at that moment and is in alignment with your heart. 


I believe that the Universe provides us with infinite, abundant, amazing possibilities but we have to do our parts as well and trust in the Wisdom of our Hearts, the Power of our Love, and Depth of our Soul. And it is easy to be trusting when all seems as planned in our minds...but the real practice lies in surrendering control when all seems messy and unpredictable.

Because life is never predictable. There is no safety net and the ground under your feet is moving all the time. In those moments when you suddenly get all silent, become aware of all that is, realize how blessed you are... you enter the Magic of the Present mOMent and then, you deeply feel how safe and protected you are and that you've been taken care of something bigger and more powerful than your little, cute, silly mind can even imagine. Life is a gift.


Being born in a privileged rich country means me that I HAVE TO go out into the world and trust my intuition, as my base could not be more perfect. There is no reason why you can't follow your heart. Not always the most glamorous, easy, and effortless thing in the beginning but once you flow, you flow and then you deeply know and feel it, no matter what's going on. Then the challenges and lessons are just another gateways to dive deeper into your Heart's Truth and live it fully.


Trust the Process. Trust the Divine Timing. Trust your Heart. 

The Offering

Your full course package includes the following:

- Learn each week about one of the 10 Wisdom Goddesses
-Discover new & explore old parts of yourSelf with the help of the Goddess Archetypes
- 10 customized-classes to connect to your feminine energy
- The Gone Brave Woman Guide to India (tips on how to travel as a woman alone)

- Weekly specially curated playlists for your home-rituals

-Add new meditation, dance, yoga, movement, mantra practices and rituals to your      self-care and applied spiritual tool-kit

-Receive weekly questions to journal and one practical assignment to fulfill each       week

-Practice seeing beauty in and around you, meet yourself honestly and build trust     towards your intuition as you meet your dragons, recognize habits, patterns, and   connections that do not serve you and release them by acceptance and daily tuning   in and small shifts 
-1 Naked Chocolate Classic Blend (100g) by your choice worth CHF 12.-

Your Investment: 
-CHF 250.- Early-Bird until June 6th
-CHF 270.- from June 7th until June 17th


The full course is limited to 7 women. If you want to join, send an email to answering the following questions:

  1. Why do you feel called to join this course?

  2. What would you like to discover or explore through this 10 weeks journey?

  3. Medical Questions: Are you pregnant, taking anti-depressants, are on any medication, have epilepsy, or high-blood-pressure/heart issues

Booking and Cancellation Policy: 
Once you've sent an email and have been accepted to the course, your spot is booked and there are no refunds. You'll receive a confirmation with the payment details. The payment is due before the course starts. If you do need a payment plan, please mention that in your application email. It is in your own responsibility to show up each week. If you can't make it to the live class, you'll still receive the rest of the content minus the class itself. The course is not transferable but a friend can join for CHF 15.- instead of you if you let me know at least 48 hours before the class starts. If the course/class has to be canceled from my, Aleks Nikolic, side, you'll receive a full refund for either the course or class. In case law regulations change due to the pandemic, the course will shift to online and will be live-streamed as it would happen at Yoga Tribe K3.

Book a single class:
If there is space, you are also welcome to join one single class that you're curious to dive deeper into. Please note that you have to register at least 24 hours before class and that the same policy applies as for the full course. A single class includes the full class 60 minute content and playlist of the evening. The rest of the offering only applies to the full course.  If you book the single class for the first class on June 18th, you have the option to book the full course for CHF 270.- if you register the same evening.

Your investment: 

-CHF 30.- per class


To book, send an email to answering the following questions:

  1. Why do you feel called to join this class?

  2. Medical Questions: Are you pregnant, taking anti-depressants, are on any medication, have epilepsy, or high-blood-pressure/heart issues


Dates & Weekly Content

-Week 1 / 18.6.20: Kali - Goddess of (Yogi) Transformation

-Week 2 / 25.6.20: Tara - Goddess of the Saving Word

-Week 3
 / 02.7.20: Sundari - The Beauty of the Three Worlds

-Week 4
 / 09.7.20: Bhuvaneshvari - Queen of the Universe

-Week 5 / 16.7.20: Bhairavi - The Warrior Goddess

-Week 6
 / 23.7.20: Chhinnamasta - Consciousness Beyond the Mind

-Week 7
 / 06.8.20: Dhumavati - The Grandmother Spirit

-Week 8
 / 13.8.20: Bagalamukhi - The Hypnotic Power of the Goddess

-Week 9 
/ 20.8.20: Matangi - The Utterance of the Divine Word


-Week 10 / 27.8.20: Kamalatmika - The Lotus Goddess of Delight

Note: There is no class on July 30th because of the Swiss National Holiday.




For who is this?

-Every woman that feels she just has to join
-Every woman that would like to slow down and connect more to her body, breath, heart and define her intention and vision for life
-Every woman that is curious about exploring the Archetypes of the Goddesses
-Every woman that wants to create habits out of rituals
Every woman that wants to feel all she feels and invite in more of feeling graceful, vibrant, joyful, light, connected to her own wisdom
-Every woman that wants to explore her relationship and beliefs around women friendships and connections; for example; why are we really jealous? And how can we be happy for others?
-Every woman that wants to respect more her own space and boundaries as well as explore why this seems difficult and equally if she is able to respect other people spaces, choices and path as much as her own.
-Every woman that wants to explore all she feels and gives it space to heal, transform and evolve

Recommended reading as preparation:

-Courage – The Art of Living Dangerously by Osho
(or listen to one of his talks on courage)


-Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown
(or listen to this amazing interview about it for free)


-The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche
(or read & download the beautiful pdf-version essays)


-Shakti Meditation  and Shakti Awakening by Sally Kempton

-The Tantric Hatha Wisdom Goddess and Yoga & Ayurveda  by Dr. David Frawley

All pictures and videos from the Goa Heart Adventure 2019 by Sheriza Fazleen

Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
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