Goa Heart Adventure 
January 11-18th 2020

March 14-21st 2020

Does this truly nourish my heart? Feed my soul? Make me feel alive, in the flow, abundant, trusting, grateful and peaceful? Or is it adding to my anxiety, fatigue, stress and overwhelm?

The Goa Heart Adventure is all about connecting to the heart and being radically honest with yourself. During the Goa Heart Adventure, I’m taking you on a transformational journey inwards as well as outwards. This whole Adventure is created to create a big transformation and shift in your inner and outer life. It’s a space where you can explore yourself, practicing to listen and act on your intuition and become aware of patterns and conditioning that have been holding you back from doing so.


We’re clearing our subconscious beliefs about life and ourselves - ideas, concepts, labels. So that we can choose more freely and feel aligned with our hearts as we walk the paths of our hearts. The March Edition of the Goa Heart Adventure is open to all genders and an ambivalent to the January Gone Brave Woman Edition but with the difference that we’re also going to play and become curious about masculine and feminine dynamics and also clear our relationship to the opposite gender, realizing that maybe it’s not that opposite or far once we look beyond what seems different, dual and appears like form.

This retreat is a safe, held and at the same time judgment-free and open space for you to be as you are, explore your mind, release tension and stress from your physical body, let go of emotional baggage and energetically reset yourself for a life lived from the heart. If you just want to enjoy a beautiful holiday, this might not be the right space for you. If you crave a big shift in your life that goes beyond a new couch at home or wardrobe detox, then this is for you. After (or even before) this retreat you might leave your relationship, quit your job, move countries and just get more clear on how you want to live and feel in your life. From that clarity, we will be practicing to courageously speak up, let go and make a choice. Because we all somehow know what would be the most nourishing and liberating thing to do or not do in our life BUT we’re scared. We’re attached to the safety that we get from what we think we know. But the thing is that life isn’t linear and those false securities can drop away (thank god!) faster than we imagine. So how can we make more aligned choices without needing life to always smash us on the ground to finally wake up and be honest?

How can we find the courage to leave long-term relationships that just don’t feel aligned anymore? That doesn’t feel right anymore but are comfortable? How do we find the courage to explore our conditioning around marriage and why we’re panicking really around 35 to get babies? How do we find the courage to sit alone in the fire without knowing what is next? How do we create the first steps around exploring what else we could create if we wouldn’t feel drained from our 100% tiring job? How do we find the courage to say thank you for what you’ve taught me but now it is time to take responsibility for my own life and let you/this go?

During the Goa Heart Adventure, we will explore many different confronting questions. Questions that can only shake our life up because the fundament of what we taught is true might not be that true actually. 

And then what?  How do we give up that addiction to security or at least get sensible enough to notice it and then use specific tools to not act on it?

Next to the tools like yin yoga journeys, meditation, pranayama, ceremonial Cacao, dance journeys, radically honest journaling, sharing space with an amazing (small-sized!) group of people, you’ll be in a very special location. I haven’t chosen North Goa randomly as our spot for the retreat. No, no!

This place is magical, super flowy, like a different Universe where time plays no role and you can be as ordinary and weird as you want to explore. It’s a place where we will have great food in my favorite places (yup, we’ll explore eating with hands in cute hippie spots either hidden in town or by the beach), we’ll dance ecstatically at my favorite Ecstatic Dance place ever with the giant old Banyan trees and under the stars.

We’ll sip lime sodas and fresh coconuts on the beach, float in the warm ocean, flirt with sparkling eyes, shop at colorful markets even more colorful things, have our ceremonies in a beautiful garden shala, listen to beautiful live concerts and enJOY ourselves in the most beautiful way while also confronting ourselves with our most limiting fears. The joy and terror of meeting one’s Soul. We’ll have fun, we will flow, we will practice being spontaneous, brave, do what feels right whatever the mind says, tune into our bodies, rise high, go deep and realize how amazing, blissful and joyful life can be once we start liberating ourselves from what we think we should be, think, feel, do!

Shortly… we’re going on a journey back to our hearts - the Goa Heart Adventure! :)


Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourSelf on the beach, floating home with the sound of the ocean after having a beautiful ceremony, channeling the Goddess Chhinnamasta that cuts off her own head to feel more ALIVE and ONE with the Universe and absolutely liberating Ecstatic Dance - feeling alive, vibrant, high on life and love, absolutely present and grateful for your listening to your heart.


Yup, you can gift yourSelf such an experience next January and start off the New Year in a way that will support you in living from your Heart and highest Truth instead of waiting for an outside event or person to change your life. This journey is definitely only for the brave women as we’ll dive deep into the darkness...and discover all the light and gifts that are hidden once you move towards fear with curiosity instead of resistance. 


This journey back to your Heart is an adventure because it’s something you can only plan until one certain degree (booking your spot, get a flight ticket and your Indian visa, pack your suitcase...) and then after that you have to let go of control, surrender and trust the unfolding of the journey - with all the terror and joy that comes with it.


Because whatever you do or meet in life...it’s here to teach you something.

Help you unlearn and let go of whom you think you are, have to be - all the labels, restrictions, walls, constructs, 
ideals, dogmas, ideas, and conditionings - that block you from living life spontaneously from the heart. So instead of questioning your intuition every single time and trying to rationalize things, you just go for what intuitively feels right at that moment and is in alignment with your heart. 


I believe that the Universe provides us with infinite, abundant, amazing possibilities but we have to do our parts as well and trust in the Wisdom of our Hearts, the Power of our Love and Depth of our Soul. And it is easy to be trusting when all seems as planned in our minds...but the real practice lies in surrendering control when all seems messy and unpredictable.

Because life is never predictable. There is no safety net and the ground under your feet is moving all the time. In those moments when you suddenly get all silent, become aware of all that is, realize how blessed you are... you enter the Magic of the Present mOMent and then, you deeply feel how safe and protected you are and that you've been taken care of something bigger and more powerful than your little, cute, silly mind can even imagine. Life is a gift. Being born in a privileged rich country means for me that I HAVE TO go out into the world and trust my intuition, as my base could not be more perfect. There is no reason why you can't follow your heart. Not always the most glamorours, easy and effortless thing in the beginning but once you flow, you flow and then you deeply know and feel it, no matter what's going on. Then the challenges and lessons are just another gateway to dive deeper into your Heart's Truth and live it fully.


Trust the Process. Trust the Divine Timing. Trust your Heart. 

The Offering

Your package includes the following:

-8 transformational days in Goa themed after 8 Goddesses to help you channel, embody their energy as you get to know yourSelf, unlearn what you’ve been conditioned to believe about yourself, life and the Universe

-6x3hs Morning Ceremonies including Ceremonial Cacao or Tea, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Mantra Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Journaling, Sharing Circle, Dance, Breathwork, learning about one different Goddess a day and how to embody her energy to support you in living courageously from the heart

-Simple yet very powerful Rituals to make each moment in your life sacred and add magic to whatever you do and whomever you connect

-One 2hs amazing Rebalancing Bodywork Massage by my sister Jackie Härdig who will support me during the retreat

-2x 2hs Opening and Closing Ceremony

-8 vegetarian/vegan meals and drinks (including juice and tea or coffee in the morning, 1 non-alcoholic beverage and selection of shared dessert in the evening)

-2 rituals before and after the retreat start and ends to prepare yourself and connecting/sharing through our WhatsApp group

-A printed Goa Heart Adventure Manual with all the rituals, practices, Tantric Hatha Goddesses and stories/thoughts around living from the Heart

-Welcome Ritual Bag with Ceremony essentials to arrive in Goa

-Early-Morning-Chai and Snacks (nuts, dried fruit, fruit)

-Drum Circle Booty Shaking and one official wild blissful Ecstatic Dance Magic experience under the stars and Banyan trees at the Source

-Transformational Yin, Dance, and Yoga Nidra Journeys


-Divine Feminine Workshops and Rituals


-Living Yoga Meditations inspired by The Radiance Sutras


-Single Accommodation in an Eco Chic Beach Hut in our peaceful retreat venue Jambudvipa on the beach

-Sunbathing on the beautiful beaches while sipping lime sodas, fresh coconuts, and banana lassis


-Cacao & Tea Ceremonies to start recognizing and cultivating the Divine and Magic in everything you do


-The Gone Brave Woman's Guide to India, including a list with all the hot spots and activities in Arambol and Mandrem Beach

-An amazing community of brave women that you'll be connected forever and keep sharing your journey from near and far




-Airfare (early booking recommended, I use skyscanner.com)

-Indian Visa (USD 60-200.- depending on how long and your country of residence)

-Excursions and trips (Cathedrals, Spice Plantations, Sweet Lake, Paragliding)

massages with Jackie

-Vedic Astrology Consultations

-Reiki Sessions with Julie

-Local Ayurvedic massages or consultations with Ayurvedic doctors

-Extra meals and drinks you wish (calculate additional USD 5 to 20.- per day)

-Ecstatic Dance, Sound Healing, Tantric Heart Meditations, Contact Dance
...all the healing magic Arambol has to offer! :)


-Taxis and Airport Transfers




-Cost of alcoholic beverages and non-veg food


-Shopping at the beautiful colorful markets




Your Investment
Full Package

-Early Bird: USD / CHF 1100.- (if booked until 31.10. for January Retreat and 31.12. March Retreat)

-Regular Price: USD / CHF 1300.-

Simple Package (without food and accommodation)

-Early Bird: USD / CHF 750.- (if booked until 31.10. for January Retreat and 31.12. March Retreat)
-Regular Price: USD / CHF 850.-

There are exactly 7 spots available for the women only-retreat in January and all-gender retreat in March. If you have a question, send an email to goa@thewalkingceremony.com


Deposit & Refund Policy

The 50% (of total pricing) deposit for the retreat is non-refundable and needed to reserve your spot in the retreat. 

Full payment is due December 31st, 2019 (unless you choose a payment plan) for the January Retreat and February 28th for the March Retreat. The retreat starts officially on January 11th / March 14th with a 2 hours Bhuvaneshvari Goddess Opening Ceremony at 4 pm and ends on the morning of January 18th / March 21st with a Lakshmi Closing Ceremony. 

If needed, individual payment plans are available. Please send me an email to yin@aleks.yoga and let me know your situation. There are no additional costs for this.

If you withdraw from the retreat less than 30 days before, you will receive no refund. If you withdraw at least 1 month before the retreat, you’ll receive 25% (of total amount minus 50% deposit). In case the retreat has to be canceled, you are of course receiving 100% of your payments back.

You’ve got my support! I’ve traveled to India 4 times now and spent in total over 12 months there – I feel safe to guide you and be there for you. I know this won’t all be easy once you’ve booked and that’s why you’re getting my support from the very beginning. We’ll connect as a group already before the retreat and you’ll receive access to the Gone Heart Adventure Online Course and Whatsapp Group. When you find your tribe, it’s like the most magical reunion of your hearts and souls.

This Adventure comes directly from my heart - to yours. Hoping that it will serve and support you as it did and still does for me. India and Goa have changed my life. Living from my heart has not always been easy, as I tend to rationalize stuff..but in the end, I go for the Unkown, let go of plans and choose my heart. Again..and again and again.


I know that one cold November evening in 2015 when I was crying with fever on my bathroom floor, trying to organize an event for 100 people on painkillers, I realized that somethings not quite right. I came off my heart's path. After spending two weeks in the Brazilian jungle barefoot and offline, I realized that I need to leave Switzerland. So I sold all my fancy clothes and booked a one-way ticket to Bali.

2 years after that the same feeling entered my life. I was stuck in my mind, having almost daily heavy migraines but was not able to let go of the relationship I was in... Why? Because I was stuck in mind. I had a plan and the Universes signs just did not match it. Then I discovered Yin Yoga  with Nik Robson and for the first time after months reconnected again to my heart...


I did not experience the so-called Yin Bliss but had my Yin Truth Moment. I realized that I have to leave my relationship and learn to be alone - completely stand on my own feet and take responsibility for mySelf. I threw myself in a lot of pain and followed my Heart to India - to the Amritapuri Ashram. I spent three months in that Indian Hindu Monastery, sat in fire and had one of the heaviest times of my life... But it was worth it. Because after sitting in the fire I went to Goa and realized HOW FUCKING AMAZING LIFE can be! Yes.


But first, you have to let go. And gosh, it hurts, because we're attached soooo much, the fear goes deep..and still, we can choose to slowly die in a boring day to day life or die in each moment to live more from the Heart. The thing is... your body will die anyway, so how can you make it the deepest, most fulfilling and heart aligned experience?! :)  

To book your spot, fill out this application form or book a 20 minutes free call by sending an email to goa@thewalkingceremony.com. Watch more testimonials here.

About Aleks Nikolic

Aleks is committed to choosing Love over Fear. She chooses to see and experience life as a ceremony; a reality she creates and embodies. Aleks understands the teacher of Cacao to be the way it highlights where there are resistance and acts as a loving invitation to soften, to melt, to open. She shares Cacao in a circle as the natural guide it is towards reconnecting you with your intuition, reconnecting with your hearts truth, and being able to rest in a sense of union, openness, trust, and softness.


She is a Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra teacher that was born & raised in Zurich, Switzerland and has Serbian roots. She’s been traveling since October 2015 and completed in 2016 her 200hs with Heidi Dietrich & Heidi Michelle in Costa Rica. Her most important trip so far has been last year to India – after a painful break-up. It led her back to her own inner flow, to the journey of her heart. She completed there a 100hs advanced Tantric Hatha & Divine Feminine Training with Heidi Dietrich & Jessica Roodvoets

Last June she dove deep into a 50 hours Yin Culture Teacher Training with Nik Robson on magical Bali and is in 2019 supporting him during three Yin Teacher Trainings all over the world so far.

She focusses on creating a safe space for people, so they can feel themselves again and live their life from the heart.


About Jackie Härdig

Jackie is a professional bodyworker and yoga teacher originally from Colorado, USA. She is intrigued by the mind/body/spirit connection and utilizes massage and yoga as tools to assist others on their own spiritual journeys.  She'll be offering during the Goa Heart Adventure 2020.

After many years of self-work, she began studying the mind-body connection professionally in 2018. She attended a 300-hour hatha yoga teacher training with an emphasis on the chakras and healing (200 hours certification) at Pyramid Yoga Center in Koh Phangan, Thailand with David Goulet. In January of 2019, she studied and became a certified Biodynamic Rebalancing bodyworker with Antar Rasal in Goa, India. She fell in love with the spiritual way of life in India and is looking forward to going back to practice the bodywork that she has seen cultivate growth in her own life and the clients she works with. 

“The body is a tangible link which can help us gain access to the mental, emotional and spiritual realms of our being. The intention of my work is to use the body as a vehicle on which to journey into to the innermost part of our beings and to connect us with the pure love that exists at the core.”


Rebalancing Bodywork

Rebalancing Bodywork is a specific type of myofascial release massage that helps the client achieve a natural state of balance physically, mentally, and spiritually. Deep connective tissue strokes, joint mobilization techniques, assisted stretches, and energy work are utilized in conjunction with breathwork and meditativeness to release certain holding patterns that contribute to dis-ease. As tensions are released in the body, energy is freed, and old, unconscious patterns are more easily let go of.

Rebalancing Bodywork views the body as more than its physical component and seeks to transform the spiritual, emotional, and energetic components of one's being. It would benefit anyone who is interested in living a more healthy and harmonious life. 


About Goa & India

Goa is one of my 2 favorite places on Planet Earth so far. It's peaceful, it's wild, it's adventurous, it's relaxing, it's just so beautiful. This retreat is taking place near the calm Mandrem Beach and vibrant Arambol Beach in a venue that is an artist collective and perfect blend of peaceful and wild.

What the women of the Goa Heart Adventure 2019 say about Goa:


Simone: "Goa was a heart-warming, back to nature and overwhelming in a positive way. I felt connected to nature and people. It gave me a sense of freedom. You can't describe Goa, you have to feel it." 


Gisele: "Traveling to India is an adventure and you have to slow down if you want or not. Goa was freedom for me."


Sheriza: "A place where you go with the flow - surrendering to the pace and whatever that comes with it."


Eula: "Goa = absolute Freedom"


I know that India can awake really controversial thoughts and pictures in peoples minds. I love India – it is an intense place – you have huge extremes of beauty and hell. BUT, we’re heading to Goa, which is a tiny coastal state, that was in the past a Dutch & Portuguese colony, so a majority of people are Christian and Goa is the place where hippies went in the ’70s and yeah, some are still there. Goa is a completely different Universe – compared to India itself but also any other country I’ve traveled too.


People are very free, it’s super chilled, the sea is warm and with gentle waves, you get this amazing tan that you only get in Sicily or the Caribbean and there is colorful local shopping, sweet chai and tons of different amazing food. In Goa, I have felt all the time so high on life – completely free, wild and alive. I can’t wait to share this with you! As soon as you sign up for the retreat, you’ll get a comprehensive guide and list with all that you need to know. It’s gonna be magical! I recommend you take some more time off than just for the retreat…. just sayin’.


For India, you will need a visa and I can walk you through this process.

Find the FAQ below.

Recommended reading as preparation

-Courage – The Art of Living Dangerously by Osho
(or listen to one of his talks on courage)


-Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown
(or listen to this amazing interview about it for free)


-The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche
(or read & download the beautiful pdf-version essays)


-Shakti Meditation  and Shakti Awakening by Sally Kempton

-The Tantric Hatha Wisdom Goddess and Yoga & Ayurveda  by Dr. David Frawley

Schedule sample

7.30 am - Self-practice / sadhana / personal daily morning ritual
8-11 am – Ceremony 
from 11 am – Brunch**
from 12.30 pm - Massage with Jackie, Yogi’s Choice or free-flow group activity
from 6 pm – Dinner**
from 7.30 pm Yogi’s Choice or free-flow group activity

after that - personal daily evening ritual

*note: written in sand, not stone.
This is a sample adjusted to our daily needs.
**We'll have one meal a day together that is included in the retreat package. The idea is to also have space to eat by yourself and have solitude time.


Apply for your spot on this magical retreat now

Full and Simple Packages

In the full package, everything on the list above is included. If you're staying longer in Goa or have a limited budget but still wish to attend the retreat, you have the possibility to choose the simple package where there food and accommodation aren't included.

If you choose our full package you'll be staying at our beautiful, peaceful retreat venue in an eco-chic beach hut and have one meal including drink(s) included. If you want to stay for a whole month, the first two one month bookings receive 15% at Jambudvipa. Please inquiry separately. We'll send you a list of accommodation near the venue.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get from the airport in Goa to Arambol?

ARRIVAL BY AIRPLANE Please book your flights to arrive at Dabolim Airport (GOI). We can organize you a taxi from the airport to the retreat center for approx. 20 USD one way (or shared if you and another woman are arriving at the same time) to Arambol. Depending on the traffic it takes 1 to 2 hours. ARRIVAL BY TRAIN
If you’re coming by train and want to use public transport, please contact us directly and we’ll share different directions with you. It is possible to arrive in Arambol / Mandrem Beach by bus from one of the train stations. Just keep in mind that it takes much more time and patience.

How do I apply for the Indian Visa?

Everyone needs a pre-arranged visa for India. This is very important!

There are two options:
e-Visa: You apply online at least 4 days before traveling (I recommend you at least 10) for the e-tourist-visa (not available for all countries but many). The regulations have just changed in March 2019, so now the e-tourist-visa is available for one whole year and multiple entries from the day it gets approved. Which is amazing news! Way cheapter than the visa you make at the embassy and also simpler. Find all info here: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html Tourist Visa: For this visa, you have to apply directly online at your local Indian embassy and send (Switzerland) or bring (the Czech Republic and most countries) it in paper form with your passport and the flight details to them. You’ll need 2 pictures in the Indian-format (not same as regular passport picture) and you can apply max. 1 month before your trip. I recommend you to do it at least 2 weeks before because it takes some work. You have to write for how long you want to stay (for example if you are not sure exactly, just write for 6 months and mostly they will give you a bit less or sometimes more). After 3 months you have to travel out of the country – for example by airplane to Sri Lanka, Kuala Lumpur or Nepal or take the train to Nepal or Bangladesh. Please count carefully and leave in advance, you don’t want to get in trouble with Indian Immigration. Always apply through the official websites that are provided by the embassy or the once I linked here!
Different prices apply for different nationalities. Feel free to contact me, so I can guide you through this process. I’ve done my Indian visa in Prague and Switzerland.

Is there vegan/veg food? Is it safe/clean?

Yes! All food venues are tested and approved by me (former restaurant tester for Yelp haha!) – I’m a foodie and we’ll go to my favorite spots – which are clean, nourishing and food prepared by kind people. If you have special dietary needs or allergies, please let me know in advance. We’ll enjoy a variety of Western and Indian cuisine for Dinner and will have a beautiful freshly prepared brunch buffet every morning at our resort right on the beach with ocean-view.

Is India safe?

Check out my India Experience and download the Gone Brave Woman's Guide to India. For me, Goa isn’t equal to India because Goa is mainly Christian and not Hindu. So that means you can wear in Mandrem, Arambol and most places in Goa whatever you want and don’t have to follow the Indian dress code as in rest of India. The place we go is small and full of hippies – super safe. And that has been my India experience so far as well – there is just stuff you have to keep in mind like not walking in the night alone (which you won’t do also in many western places!), no eye contact with men you don’t know, no kissing/touching in public places, long pants/skirt/dress and covered shoulders, no big v-neck (this is not for Goa, just rest of India).

Is there going to be enough alone/exploration time?

Yes! Check the schedule above - you'll get my absolutely best Goa tips!

What if I want to travel India/Goa before/after the retreat?

I can help you with my personal experience and share
tips or resources so that you can create an amazing and memorable trip to India.
Once in Goa, you can explore the South of India or
go visit bigger cities, depending on from where your flying in and out. Check out the Gone Brave Woman's Guide to India for more tips!

How do I stay healthy?

Prepare your stomach with probiotics and stop washing everything 3 times - some bacteria are healthy my dear and in the western world we over-clean and are not able to strengthen our immunity system anymore. I recommend you using SEPTILIN once you are in India to just strengthen the immunity system. And just sleeping enough and eating healthy at home - you know stress is what makes you sick. So relax more, say NO more often. If you have an upset stomach, my best tip is homeopathic Absinth (in Switzerland you can get it in the pharmacy) - bitter but effective. Also garlic & oregano oil as natural antibiotics. I'm soon going to share my personal natural remedies that have helped me in the last 3 years of traveling. I also must say that I've never been as healthy as I am now. I had constantly cases of flu, colds and bladder infections - now my immunity system is very strong and if I have something it mostly lasts only for a day or so. :)
I did start bringing some painkillers since Spring 2018 because I had headaches and migraines during my heartbreak time in the ashram and didn't have any, so I had to take my roommates. Sometimes not bad to have, especially if on the road. Also turmeric and ginger are natural remedies which you can find everywhere in Asia for very little money.
Also mosquito repellant is good for the evenings -
my best and simplest mixture is water, coconut oil and lemongrass oil in a small spray bottle.

What if I need a doctor

There are some Private Hospitals in Goa like the SMRC and MAHATME. Auyrvedic treatments are also available.

What if I need any vaccinations?

Best to consult his with your (tropic) doctor. In Zurich, I can recommend TropDoc and the Travel Clinic. Universities often also offer special consultations and vaccinations for the tropics. My personal opinion is: less is more but you've got to make your own choices and feel what is right for YOU PERSONALLY.

What's the money situation?

The currency is INDIAN RUPIAH and it is only available in India. You can't travel or exchange the money outside of India.I recommend you to bring 1-2 credit cards so that you can use the ATM's (at the airport but also on Mandrem Beach and in Arambol) and 100-200 dollars in cash to change in case you need it. Sometimes the ATM's are empty or it takes some time to wait in line.. so if you don't plan to stay long-term, I recommend you get your cash in USD and then change it :)

Do I need a travel insurance?

I don't have one but my ex once made a good experience with True Traveller.

What should I pack?

You'll get a practical travel packing list (I have 3 years of experience now:D) once you've booked - actually a whole GOA GUIDE! I fly very light and recommend you the same. Towels are provided at our retreat spot. Bikini during the day, something light and sexy to dance, a jumper for the chilly evenings, best is barefoot and something for yoga... :D haha! Joking, there will be some more stuff on the list - and don't forget: There is amazing shopping in Arambol.

Can I come as a yoga beginner? Is there any age limit?

YES! And no. Every woman who is open to explore herself and connect in sisterhood is very welcome. These retreats will connect you with others from the heart to heart and you'll realize that age and where you are in life don't matter. You don't need any experience,
just be open TO EXPERIENCE, meet YourSelf and feel alive.

Can I bring my family with me?

I can arrange special accommodation for your family and also check if there is a possibility for a babysitter. But the retreat, program and all our meals will stay exclusive for women who participate the retreat only. You can spend time with your family after the sessions and meals. Also, we can find solutions if you have a baby and are breastfeeding. But please get in touch with me before booking. I strongly recommend you to enjoy this experience by yourSelf and for yourSelf!

All pictures and videos from the Goa Heart Adventure 2019 by Sheriza Fazleen
Pictures of retreat accomodation by Jambudvipa

Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.  
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Created with lots of love by Aleks Nikolic.

Money is the root of all Good. You're so worthy, baby!

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