A Journey back to your Heart Goa Adventure

January 12-19th 2019

I, Aleks Nikolic, am taking you on a week-long deep immersion and adventure in Goa, India. 


We’re going to dive deep into our hearts using the power of yin journeys, tantric wisdom goddesses practices, ecstatic dance, tantric heart meditations & women circles. Oh and hugs, yes, very long hugs.


This isn’t a yoga holiday – it’s a journey into the unknown, where I’m creating and holding a space for you to meet your darkness and light and integrate them into your heart. You’re not broken and you don’t have to be fucking fixed.


We just have to re-learn that urge to push stuff down and instead move organically and naturally through our lives.


Because when darkness and light meet in the center of your heart, they transform into LOVE.

This is an adventure.

The Adventure your Heart has been asking you for so long to go on –

it’s a journey back to your heart my dear.

And yes this Adventure is only for the brave ones. Because you jump. You jump because you feel it.


Not because of all the logical things and stuff you like that is written in the retreat package.

No, no. These are just tools – the dancing, the sharing, the connecting, the going out of comfort zone, the sipping lime sodas, the sunbathing, the flirting.

Tools you can recognize where you are holding yourself back. And then the real goes deeper.

Where you start liberating yourself.

YES, YOU. ​I’m just holding the sacred space for you to go deep within.

We forgot how to trust our intuition.

How to listen to our hearts wisdom and flow with life.
We hold ourselves back so that we don’t step on anyone’s feet.


We run and run…

We do everything that we think we should be doing.
We go to bed exhausted and wake-up still feeling tired.
This kind of cycle doesn’t seem to be working…

So I’m asking you:


Do you feel alive?
Can you feel your heart?
Do you feel wild?
Do you feel your truest Self?
Do you feel like you’re living a free life?
And making brave decisions?
Can you allow yourself to be YOU?
Move authentically through life?
Trust life?

True inspiration can only come from your inside and if you’re ready to meet your darkness.

That wild part of you that might not be loved and accepted by everyone.


But that part of you that craves to be seen and accepted the most – by you.


Self-care is not trying to drown your stress in a bubble bath.

Self-care is to care for your Self.

To care for your heart and its deepest longings.

To allow yourself to be all of you – all the parts that you’ve been denying so far because it’s not polite, nice, cute, pretty, blabla-bullshit.

you allow yourself to break free – so much that you’re willed to stand alone.


Because there is no other option than going for your heart and its yearnings.


I’m inviting you to join me and other sisters in a one-week-long wild deep immersion in a different reality – a reality where you’re allowed to explore WHO you are and whom you think you are or should be.


Are you ready for the journey into the unknown?

The Retreat Package includes

*Sunset welcome gathering (with snacks, coconuts & lime sodas)
on the beautiful Mandrem Beach on January 12th
*Fire & Letting go Ceremony to kick off this deep journey
*Dreamy walk & dip in Sweet Lake (shopping, beer, appetizers, wine & coconuts optional:)
*Twice-daily vegetarian meals (brunch and dinner) in my fave places
*Sweet early-morning-pre-yoga chai
*Twice-daily deep yoga sessions on our beautiful yoga deck with nature view
*Accommodation in a small & peaceful retreat center
*Wild blissful group ecstatic dance under stars and trees
*Sunset Dinner on the beach
*Divine Feminine Workshops & Rituals
*Transformational Yin Journeys
*Closing Goddess Lakshmi Ceremony on the beach
*Living Yoga Meditation Experience inspired by The Radiance Sutras
*Shaking our booties in the Drum Circle during sunset hour on the beach
*Sunbathing on the beautiful beaches while sipping optional lime sodas or fresh coconuts
*Online Course pre and after the retreat
*A magical treasure box to create sacred space during and after the retreat and an India-Wellbeing-Kit with some little helpers & surprises


optional activities

a tour through Old Goa, exploring its famous cathedrals and temples, paragliding on Keri Beach, a spice plantation adventure, consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor, Ayurvedic massages & treatments, shopping in the colorful markets, tantric heart meditations and more ecstatic dance :))

Package cost does not include

airfare, airport transfers, taxis, lunch, gratuities, extra excursions, cost of alcoholic beverages, or spa treatments/bodywork


Your investment for this one-week long immersion into your heart

Early bird pricing expires September 30th, 2018.
Start the conversation now.



Two last huts available to either share or have for yourself. 

  • Single Occupancy

    • CHF 1344.-

  • Double Occupancy**:

    • CHF 1233.-


I'm offering a 2nd special spot (reduced price) for someone who is struggling financially at the moment or a student but would really love to attend this journey. Please send me directly an email to gonebravewoman@aleks.yin with your WHY and budget details.


Book your spot now

**Double Occupancy (2 bigger single beds in the hut, double bed in the room) is per person, you can sign up with your roommate or share it with another woman that is joining the retreat. If you want to travel with your family/partner/friends, let me know to make the arrangements. The retreat and our meals remain women-only though. Contact me directly and we’ll find an individual solution for you.


Since space is limited, I recommend you to listen to your heart fast & join this life-changing adventure. I recommend you to arrive at least one day before. Let me know so that I can book your accommodation. You can arrive on January 12th (check-in from 12 pm) or a day before. The retreat officially starts in the evening.


Skyscanner.com is great for checking out the cheapest flights. Also, you’ll get a comprehensive guide with all the info you need to have as soon as you got your spot confirmed.  Find out more about this below in the FAQ.



About Goa & India


This retreat is taking place on beautiful Mandrem Beach, near the hippie oasis Arambol.


I know that India can awake really controversial thoughts and pictures in peoples minds. I love India – it is an intense place – you have huge extremes of beauty and hell. BUT, we’re heading to Goa, which is a tiny coastal state, that was in the past a Dutch & Portuguese colony, so a majority of people are Christian and Goa is the place where hippies went in the 70’s and yeah, some are still there. Goa is a completely different Universe – compared to India itself but also any other country I’ve traveled too.


People are very free, it’s super chilled, the sea is warm and with gentle waves, you get this amazing tan that you only get in Sicily or the Caribbean and there is colorful local shopping, sweet chai and tons of different amazing food. In Goa, I have felt all the time so high on life – completely free, wild and alive. I can’t wait to share this with you! As soon as you sign up for the retreat, you’ll get a comprehensive guide and list with all that you need to know. It’s gonna be magical! I recommend you take some more time off than just for the retreat…. just sayin’ .


For India, you will need a visa and I can walk you through this process.

Find the FAQ below.

Deposit & Refund Policy


A 50% non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve your spot in the retreat.

Full payment is due November 1st, 2018. If needed, individual payment plans are available.

Please send me an email and let me know your situation.

If you withdraw from the retreat less than 30 days before, you will receive no refund. If you withdraw at least 1 month before the retreat, you’ll receive 25% (of total amount minus 50% deposit). In case the retreat has to be canceled, you are of course receiving 100% of your payments back.


You’ve got my support sister!

I’ve traveled to India twice now and spent in total 7 months there – I feel safe to guide you and be there for you. I know this won’t all be easy once you’ve booked and that’s why you’re getting my support from the very beginning. We’ll connect as a group already before the retreat and you’ll receive access to the Gone Brave Woman Adventure Online Course and Facebook Group.


When you find your tribe, it’s like the most magical reunion of your hearts and souls!! <3 

My personal India & Goa Story


Last year I cried my way to India after I broke up with my then boyfriend. We’ve been traveling and living with each other intensively for 1,5 years and as I was diving deep into Yin Yoga last year, I experienced the Yin Truth – it’s different from the Yin Bliss – because once you slow down and take time to feel, you might realize stuff that you didn’t want to realize. That you tried to push away, put down, ignore.

But the Universe wants you to live a life from your heart – not the mind.

And my life at that point somehow was not flowing.


I was stuck in my mind and had almost daily migraines and was feeling so tired all the time. I knew I will have to break-up. Once you do the reality check with your life – and just check if that picture you hold on to, matches actually what you’re experiencing, you know what decisions you gotta take. And yeah, it’s not easy. Actually, it was very painful. It took me a couple of months to accept it.

But I felt in my heart that I have to go back to India and stay at the Amritapuri Ashram. So I threw myself into one of my biggest fears and let go of an idealized picture that I’ve made up…to follow my heart and intuition.

The time at the ashram was intense but I stayed. I didn’t run away when I had the urge but dived into my heart, learned how to set strong boundaries and stop feeling guilty for what I feel – or not.


 Feel free to scroll my Instagram for many impressions. 


In Goa, I started questioning all my desires and wishes.

I have asked me very honestly WHY? Why do you want that?

What’s the real motivation behind this wish?

I realized that most of my wishes were based on the longing to belong. To feel accepted. 

As devastating it was, it was also very much liberating.
Devastating for my ego because suddenly there was nothing to hold on to.

Just space for me to be with…well mySelf.

India smashes your ego, bubble, beliefs, masks, filters of how life, you

and others should look like in the blink of an eye.


I felt so blissed out in Goa. I was floating. I remember laughing at my small self that held

on to a life that I didn’t feel, just because it was safer than to jump into the unknown.


But jumping into the unknown is not arriving safely but keep traveling adventurously.

It’s about listening to your heart and trusting it so much, that you’re willed to

allow everything to fall apart that isn’t true.


Boom Boom!


And that’s why I want to share this experience with you… Ecstatic Dance, Yin Yoga, and the Wisdom Goddesses are my passion and help me to dive deep into my inner journey and liberate myself from the inside out. To feel free, wild, alive, soft, centered and nourished.


I share more of my India experience in this text here. 

If you want to know more about my background, feel free to check-out my 

teaching portfolio and testimonials..

Recommended reading as preparation


-Courage – The Art of Living Dangerously by Osho
(or listen to one of his talks on courage)


-Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown
(or listen to this amazing interview about it for free)


-The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche
(or read & download the beautiful pdf-version essays)


-Shakti Meditations by Sally Kempton


Schedule sample


10.30am – BRUNCH
from 11am-3.30pm Yogi’s Choice or group activity
6.30pm – DINNER
from 7.30pm Yogi’s Choice or group activity


*note: written in sand, not stone.
This is a sample adjusted to our daily needs.


Book your magical spot now.

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