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Hi Shazzie

Naked Chocolate is an exciting book. I bought it a few years ago and couldn't wait to try the recipes. I love the inspiring photographs; Charlotte Rousse's Beetroot Mousse and Sticky Hazelnut Clusters are just two of the recipes I still use today. The history of cocao, its exotic properties and superfood friends makes for memorable reading and image browsing! ♥


-- Cass Jade Foxley

OMG seriously, that book taught me more about "REAL" chocolate than I could have ever imagined, I can't thank you enough for doing all of the leg work. Steven you have NO CLUE what you are missing. Heaven resides in that book....YYYYYUUUUUUMMMMM.

-- Angie Hayes

It's chocolicious x

-- Emma Couttie MacDougall

This book encouraged me to start spreading the love of raw cacao and foods that heal on a deep level...

-- Dawn Houghton

I'm just reading it now ... got it free with my dehydrator a few days ago ... can't put it down and want to eat raw chocolate for breakfast for the rest of my life : hx

-- Heidi TheDreadess

I read it before bed so I can dream beautiful chocolatey dreams that smell of vanilla :-)

-- Star Khechara

Finally! The truth about chocolate. We are meant to eat this sacred, healing food.

-- David Aaron Howard

I have been making recipes from ... Naked Chocolate. I am here to say, "Go get it!" It is a great book with amazing recipes. I even find myself being more creative in the kitchen now. I have made the pineapple pockets and banana bread last night. I didn't have enough bananas, so I substituted some apples. I woke up this morning to a wonderful aroma coming from the dehydrator. These loafs are soooooooooo good. It taste like manna bread-which most of us know isn't raw. I made the cashew creme a few days ago and top the bread with that. YUMMY!

-- Lisa USA

We make cinnamon rolls from the recipe in the book at the green life evolution center in blue lake, california and they are INCREDIBLE. We have also made the unbeans (the only non cacao recipe in the book) and they are yummy in raw burritos...

-- Allisun, USA

I made the stuffed kumquat dessert. It had everyone moaning with pleasure!

-- Amy, USA

It is full of useful info, humor, never before written truths about the history, medicinal and spiritual benefits of cacao.

-- Jill, USA

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ca·cao. Pronounced [ka-kow]. Rhymes with “cow.”
e·lix·ir . An aromatic solution serving as a vehicle for medicine… A substance believed to maintain life indefinitely. Also called elixir of life… A substance of transmutative properties... Alchemy: An imaginary liquor capable of transmuting metals into gold; also, one for producing life indefinitely; as, elixir vit[ae], or the elixir of life…The refined spirit; the quintessence… Any cordial or substance which invigorates… A substance believed

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