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If you want to taste the raw chocolate that the authors of Naked Chocolate created, this is your page!

Shazzies Naked Chocolate Sacred Chocolate

Shazzie's Naked Chocolate

Sold primarily in the UK and Europe, though they can be shipped worldwide, these were the first European raw chocolate bars to be certified organic. They are even foil sealed for extra freshness. They are all raw, vegan, hand made with love, organic and filled with ecstatic foods.

Available in six delightful flavours, there is sure to be one that decides you're its favourite. Attempt to choose just one from:

Empress: to enhance your power inside and out, with purple corn flour and pineapple.
Temptress: submit to dark and sensuous temptation, dance through the night with dried strawberry and rose.
Goddess: the sweet majesty enhanced with hemp seeds and mesquite.
Siren: full bodied and dark, and oh so loved by your body. With spirulina and AFA algae.
Desire: orange and star anise makes you want more all the time, with her delicious taste and aroma.
Intacta: virginal and pure, white and chaste, this is one to be treated delicately.

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Sacred Chocolate

Sold primarily in the USA, they can be shipped worldwide. Sacred Chocolate® is hand made with much love, gratitude, and high “phi-bration" in a small custom-designed, certified organic, vegan, kosher, halal, carbon balanced factory in San Rafael, California. They are committed to providing the most exceptionally tasting and nutritionally beneficial chocolate, and educating people on the superfood properties of RAW chocolate.

There are over twenty flavours to choose from.

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ca·cao. Pronounced [ka-kow]. Rhymes with “cow.”
e·lix·ir . An aromatic solution serving as a vehicle for medicine… A substance believed to maintain life indefinitely. Also called elixir of life… A substance of transmutative properties... Alchemy: An imaginary liquor capable of transmuting metals into gold; also, one for producing life indefinitely; as, elixir vit[ae], or the elixir of life…The refined spirit; the quintessence… Any cordial or substance which invigorates… A substance believed

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